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Fight Food Waste


You can help change the way we think about waste; we have to reduce, re-use and recycle and just consuming less in the first place. Support us by VOTING and we can reduce food waste, clean up our streets and generate green energy...
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PedalBins is confident it can divert ONE MILLION KILOGRAMS a year of food waste from unproductive, expensive disposal to productive, low impact, renewable use, by using a local, closed loop anaerobic digester plant, creating renewable energy from organic waste. Further environmental benefits will be realised by making the collection using low impact cargo bicycles, with no requirement for large, polluting vehicles to operate in hard to access, congested city streets.
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PedalBins, an innovative collaborative venture combining the resources of a campaigning community group, a successful community interest company and an ethical commercial organisation, will transform the way food waste is collected, transported and processed in Plymouth.
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